PhotoRain - Bulk Transfer

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Productivité Photo et vidéo
Développeur Antonious Basta
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Ever wanted to send a bulk amount of photos to friends or family but were limited to 10 photos only?

Introducing PhotoRain!

PhotoRain allows users to upload and send up to 450 photos to other users. Upon receiving the PhotoRain Cloud, the uploaded photos will automatically download to the recipients Camera Roll as if they took the photos!

Its Simple!
1. Select and Upload Photos
2. Share CloudCode
3. Watch the Photos rain into your Camera Roll

-PhotoRain Allows:
• 450 photos per upload
• Approximate 1-2 minute send time (for as many users as youd like)
• 0.0% failed upload**
• Always alerted of a correct upload status
• Saves received photos automatically to Camera Roll
• Easy on battery
• Send to as many recipients as youd like

The choice is clear, choose PhotoRain and send your photos unlimitedly and freely - fast.